Using an HSA or FSA for Chiropractic Care

Using an HSA or FSA for Chiropractic Care

Reward yourself now by taking better care of your back and body through your FSA or HSA plan. These plans are relatively new and you may even already have one through your employer. Both plans are a tremendous benefit in paying for health-related expenses (like chiropractic, massage, and supplements) and can save you money on taxes each year!

The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) were recently introduced to benefit the many people using high deductible health plans. The HSA allows tax-free money, often matched by an employer, to be set aside for health expenses in an account similar to a bank savings account that you own. Similarly, an FSA from an employer gives you $500–$1000 per year for health care costs! It resets each year, so it is important to make use of this money while it is available.


They need to be proven medically necessary to treat a specific condition with a prescribed amount and duration. As Chiropractors, we want to monitor your progress to be certain you receive the correct care and that it is benefiting your well-being.

Many of the musculoskeletal conditions that improve with chiropractic care at Back to Balance see additional improvement when combined with massage therapy. Our affiliation with Burke Williams Spa allows you convenient access to top massage therapists. While a prescription for massage therapy can be used anywhere, there are few places that offer a more relaxing environment and therapeutic experience.

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Mention this article and ask about combining your chiropractic and massage visits.

Both account types will save you money. The amount you add to either will reduce the amount used to calculate how much tax you pay each year. Using the FSA or HSA will save money on the things you are already paying for which qualify as health-related expenses.

Qualifying health-related expenses are products or services including chiropractic, acupuncture, and dental care; athletic protective gear; massage therapy for treatment of specific medical conditions; nutritional supplements; and even sunscreen… because we need a lot of sunscreen in Southern California.

Clearly, many health care costs are covered! A complete list can be found here on the IRS website (Form 502) or from a major health insurer’s website. Some costs (i.e. massage and nutritional therapies) require a chiropractic doctor’s written approval and guidance.